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Popularization of Mathematics

Escape game - The Secret Workshop of Leonhard Euler:

I created an escape game of Mathematics in collaboration with Christine Plaza, Léo Nicollier and the Mathscope of the University of Geneva. The escape game lasts one hour and is open to the public. This project is partially funded by the Swiss Mathematical Society (SMS). If you want more information on this project, you can look here or here, or you can contact me by email.
More photos here.

Escape_1 Escape_2 Escape_3

Mathematics in needlework:

I create mathematical objects with the different techniques of needlework (crochet, embroidery, ...). I use these objects in my teaching and for science outreach. cardioid Sombrero_hyperbolique hyperbolic_paraboloid

Megamenger - Construction of the biggest fractal of Switzerland:

Élise Raphaël and Sandy Moodie are supervising the construction of the biggest Menger sponge of Switzerland. With a few students and assistants of the University of Geneva, we helped them build a part of this giant fractal. If you would like to begin a similar project, the guidelines for building your own Menger sponge are here.

Megamenger2 Megamenger3 Megamenger4

MATh.en.JEANS - Research projects for young students:

The goal of the MATh.en.JEANS association is to familiarize young students with the research in Mathematics. Since 2019, I am a supervising researcher for the MATh.en.JEANS association.

Other contributions:

Folkefest_2022 Mess Marmottes